Page 2, 16th April 1948

16th April 1948
Page 2
Page 2, 16th April 1948 — LABOUR AND RUSSIA Stie-May I commend the insight of Mr.

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Organisations: Labour Party, Oratory School
Locations: Vienna


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LABOUR AND RUSSIA Stie-May I commend the insight of Mr.

Hawksley who, in your issue of April 2, brings up a highly pertinent question which must be exercising the minds of many of us at present?

Europe is faced with the greatest menace since the last great Turkish invasion was broken by the Polish cavalry of John Sobieski before the gates of Vienna in 1683. Yet now, in the hour of peril, we are asked to place our faith in a bankrupt and vague philosophy and to trust our destinies to a gang of second-rate place-hunters.

The ancient bastions of Christendom are in the hands of the infidel, betrayed into their hands by the insensate folly of men professing the same misplaced faith in "democracy" as those in whom we are asked to place our trust now.

The betrayal of Poland, as any Intelligent student of European history must have known at the time, simply constituted the opening of the floodgates to the age-old peril to Christendom from the East. Christendom has been betrayed from within and we are now being asked to trust our betrayers, to trust the weak-kneed self-seeking politicians who sold the passes to the enemies of the Cross " The Labour Party has a consistent record of friendship towards the Soviet Union dating back to 1917," wrote the prospective Labour candidate for Solihull at the General Election. " We have not the bad Tory record of hatred of the Soviet Union to live down. This will help us to break through the wall of suspicion that at present divides Russia from the West." That young man would now insert a stronger word than suspicion.

Nevertheless, it was with fatuous pledges such as these that our present rulers hoodwinked the ever gullible masses and so seized power. At the head of them stands the gentleman who gave his blessing to those who sought to set up a Communist tyranny in Spain.

And what of all these stalwarts in the days when energetic action in the West could have crushed the Red peril in its infancy? Happily for them most of us have blissfully forgotten the " Hands off Russia" movement of 1919. No doubt the Lord President of the Council could regale us with many an amusing anecdote about that affair. Doubtless, too, the Foreign Secretary could tell us about the " Jolly George's" cargo, when the Red flood poured across Poland in 1920.

Can we hope to find a Sobieski, a Charles Martel, a Pilsudski, or a John Hunyades in the ranks of timeservers, or a political faith to rival that of our enemies, in a flabby philosophy. historically the child of the Protestant Reformation and the parent of Communism?


The Oratory School, Woodcote, Nr. Reading.

[Ls there nothing in the saying. H Experientia docet "2 EDITOR, CH.]

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