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Cardinal Nichols: We must not see family synod as a battle

Cardinal Nichols at the Chrism Mass (Diocese of Westminster/Mazur)

Archbishop of Westminster says family synod is 'a time of prayerful discernment' in Chrism Mass homily

Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim religious leaders meet for an inter-faith summit in Bkerke (CNS)

Lebanon’s religious leaders affirm Christianity’s ‘essential role’ in Middle East

Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim representatives release joint statement at the conclusion of inter-faith summit

Bishop Philip Egan (Flickr/Mazur)

Portsmouth prepares for visit of relics of St Thérèse’s parents

Bishop Egan appeals for prayers ahead of the synod on the family in October

Pope Francis has been outspoken about the death penalty throughout his pontificate (PA)

Way of the Cross reflection calls for abolition of death penalty

Pope Francis has spoken out over the death penalty on numerous occasions

Supporters of Muhammadu Buhari celebrate his election victory (PA)

New Nigerian president must deal with Boko Haram, says cardinal

Cardinal John Onaiyekan calls on Muhammadu Buhari to stop Islamist violence and promote national cohesion

Cardinal George Pell with Pope Francis at a general audience (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Morning Catholic must-reads: 01/04/15

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

An Easter procession in the Calabrian town of Oppido Mamertina (PA)

Church directives seek to keep mafia out of Easter processions

Easter Sunday procession in a southern Italian diocese have been infiltrated by the mafia in the past

Bishop Mark Davies will say that we should remember the importance of God's grace © Mazur/

Our culture has forgotten what grace means, says bishop

Bishop Mark Davies will deliver homily at Chrism Mass at St Columba Church tomorrow

Cardinal Nichols at the Chrism Mass (Diocese of Westminster/Mazur)

Cardinal Nichols: We must not see family synod as a battle

Archbishop of Westminster says family synod is ‘a time of prayerful discernment’ in Chrism Mass homily

Bishop Juan Barros is shielded as he leaves his installation (PA)

Vatican: Decision to appoint Bishop Juan Barros was correct

The Congregation for Bishops did not find ‘objective reasons to preclude the appointment’, according to statement

Archbishop Longley entrusting the relic at Wolverhampton Carmel (Flickr/Mazur)

Archbishop Longley entrusts relic of Martyrs of Compiègne to Carmelite nuns

Archbishop Bernard Longley commemorated the 500th anniversary of the birth of St Teresa of Avila

Luca Toni in action for Hellas Verona in February (PA)

German Church may take Italian football star to court over unpaid taxes

Luca Toni reportedly failed to pay church taxes while playing for Bayern Munich in Germany

People gather in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to defend an article of the country's civil code that upholds traditional marriage (CNS)

Catholic group opposes moves by Puerto Rico to allow same-sex marriage

Catholic lay organisation launches challenge on constitutional grounds against move to allow same-sex marriage

Bishop Juan Barros attends his first Mass at the Cathedral of St Matthew in Osorno with protestors gathered in the pews (CNS)

The disastrous appointment of Bishop Barros could spell trouble for Pope Francis

The Vatican has made a huge unforced error and it doesn’t seem to realise it

David Cameron on the campaign trail this week (PA)

David Cameron’s bizarre Easter message shows he’s scared of proclaiming his Christianity

The prime minister’s attempt to woo Christians ahead of the general election is cynical and flawed

A detail from The Vision of Pontius Pilate's Wife by Sister Agnes Berchmans (James D Julia)

A Christian genius and her inspired account of the life of Pilate’s wife

Along with The Diary of a Country Priest, Gertrud von le Fort’s The Wife of Pilate is one of my desert islands books

Bishop Michael Campbell (Mazur/

Bishop Campbell’s criticism of ACTA is spot-on

It is abundantly clear that ACTA is a pressure group for doctrinal change

Benedict XVI: 'If we let Christ into our lives we lose nothing' (Photo: CNS)

How to beat the spiritual disease of ‘acedia': grab a rosary and go for a walk

Acedia was first identified by a Desert Father – perils to the soul haven’t changed much over the centuries

St Teresa of Avila was born 500 years ago today in Gotarrendura, Spain

St Teresa of Avila was a charming, droll and tough-minded reformer

The witty Spanish saint was, in some ways, the Pope Francis of her time

Pope Francis opens a session of the family synod (AP/Andrew Medichini)

Why I didn’t sign the priests’ letter urging the synod to stand firm on marriage

Far from having any hidden agenda, Francis genuinely does not know what to do about the divorced and remarried

Cardinal Reinhard Marx says the German Church is 'not just a subsidiary of Rome' (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

We must resist a very bad idea emerging from the German Church

Localism, at the expense of universalism, is a deadly poison for Catholics

Not our most beloved leader

Until Richard III the War of the Roses was fought on Darwinian lines

Richard III’s (alleged) killing of his nephews broke the ultimate taboo

The Prince of Wales  (PA)

Defender of the (Eastern) faith

Prince Charles has a new obsession as strong as his passions for ecology and architecture. He is refusing to stand idly by as Christians are driven out of the Middle East

Paul VI greets the faithful at the end of the Council on December 8 1965 (CNS)

It’s not Vatican II’s fault

Half of baptised Catholics never attend Mass and a third claim to have ‘no religion’. But it would be wrong to point the finger at the great ecumenical council

Prince Charles is at the forefront  of the fight to save Christians (PA)

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