Page 11, 28th January 1977

28th January 1977
Page 11
Page 11, 28th January 1977 — Woman left 0,000 to local church

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Bishop Vincent Billington, OBE, of Freshfield, Formby, Merseyside, Emeritus Bishop of Kampala, who died in October left £20,155 gross, £20,056 net.

He left all his books and papers of Vatican Council H to the library of St Joseph's College, Mill Hill, London, and his robes, mitres, vestments, croziers, rings, pectoral crosses, chalices and Vatican Council II medallions to St Joseph's College.

* * *

Miss Mary Hewitt, of St Helens, Road, Preseot, Merseyside, who died in November left £38,823 gross, £38,607 net. She left 13,000 to Our Lady's Catholic Church, Poktico, Prescot a further LIDO for masses, and £500 to Fr Donald Gordon, the curate at the church; £1,0 00 each to the Sisters of Nazareth House, Ditton, Widnes, the Association for the Propogalion of the Faith, the Little Sisters of the Assumption, Liverpool, and the Liverpool Catholic Diocese Priest Training Fund: £500 each to the RSPCA, the National Society for Cancer Relief, the Salesian Fathers, Liverpool, the Christopher Grange Centre for Adult Blind, Liverpool, and Fr Hudson's Homes, Coleshill; 1100 to St Mary's Catholic Church, Lowe House St Helens, for her enrolment as a founder member of the church.

* * *

Mrs Agnes Varetto, of Moston Lane, Moston, Manchester, who died in October, left £11,484 gross, £11,292 net. She left the proceeds from the sale of her Premium Bonds to Fr Michael Timothy, of St John Vianney's Presbytery, Poynter Street, Moston, her home to the parish priest of the Catholic parish of St John Vianney, Moston, to be used as he thinks fit, and the residue equally between the Columban Fathers and the Verona Fathers.

* * * Mrs Mary Agnes Scholes, of Pilkington Road. Southport, Lancashire, who died in October, left £40,841 gross, £40,551 net. She left £50 to St Bernadette's Catholic Church, Whitefield, for Masses, * * * Mrs Letitia Blain Lowis, of Shelley Road, Worthing, who died in September, left £49,539 gross, £49,006 net. She left 300 to Southwark Catholic Rescue Society, £250 to the Poor Sisters of Nazareth, Crosby, Liverpool, and £50 to the Catholic Truth Society.

* * * Major (ret'd) Edward Bernard Mary Burke of Stafford Road, Lichfield, Staffordshire, who died in August, left £28,111 gross, £27.776 net. He left £25 to Holy Cross Church, Lichfield, for Masses.

* * *

Margaret Pule Carter, of High Street, Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire, who died in October, left £15,034 gross, 114,424 net. She left 11,000 to Northampton Catholic diocese, with the desire it be used towards the building of church in Kimbolton, and £100 each to the priest in charge of the Catholic parish in which Kimbolton is situated, and to

the priest who conducts her funeral.

* * * Fr Hugh Paul Hennelly, of St Anthony's Presbytery, Old Lane, Beeston, Leeds who died in August, left £3,169 gross, net same. He left all his property to Leeds Catholic diocese.

* * * Annie Gertrude Kilburn, of 18 Derwent Road, Warrington, Cheshire, who died in September, left £2,529 gross, £2,144 net. She left £50 to St Mary's, Catholic Church, Warrington, and £15 to St Joseph's Catholic Hostel, Warrington.

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