Page 1, 28th August 1970

28th August 1970
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Page 1, 28th August 1970 — Fr. Blake leaving Loyola Mall

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Locations: London, Liverpool


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Fr. Blake leaving Loyola Mall


whose missions and leadership courses for Servicemen have taken him round the world, retires this month as Superior of Loyola Hall, the Jesuit Retreat House at. Rainhill. Liverpool, where he has worked for 25 years.

After a short visit to the United States, he returns in the autumn to continue the same sort of work in London. and to celebrate his golden jubilee a.,; a Jesuit.

The work of Loyola Hall is to be extended and diversified. and the Jesuit novitiate is now to be located there, but the Hall's tradition of retreats for clergy, religious and laity will be maintained and strengthened. Some 5,000 people, Catholic and otherwise. use its services every year.

The new Superior will be Fr. Michael Kyne. S.J.. who has also been appointed Master of Novices.


Fr. Blake served as R.A.F. chaplain in the 1939-45 war in England and later in Germany. From 1946 to 1960 he travelled to almost any country where British troops were serving to give missions to all three services.

In between journeys he also worked at Loyola Hall, and. among many others, B.A.F. personnel continue to go there throughout the year for the leadership courses he founded and shaped.

The courses are voluntary. but they are officially accepted and recognised by the R.A.F. authorities as part of their social and educational programme. An adaptation of the retreat method, they are designed to strengthen the Servicemen's Christian and moral formation, and to train them in leadership understood as a dedicated service to the working world.

Loyola Hall also plays its part in the ecumenical movement. Some of the Anglicans who go there for their own conferences make retreats together with Catholics. It acts. too, as host to the Salvation Army for some of its training conferences.

Party expels Fitt

MR. DERRY FITT. the Republican Labour M.P. at both Westminster and Stormont, one of the leaders of the new Socialist and Democratic Labour party in Ulster, has been ex, pelted from the Republican Labour party, along with Senator Paddy Wilson.

Mr. Fitt has said that the new party might provide an

effective opposition and eventually a credible alternative to the Unionist party.

He and his supporters see the new party as a united opposition party and one which will prove capable of countering the swing to the right in the present Unionist administration — a swing threatening to topple the Prime Minister, Major Chichester-Clark.

Meanwhile in Cape May. New Jersey. the militant Northern Ireland Protestant leader, the Rev. Ian Paisley, accused the Irish Republican Army of recent attacks on British soldiers.

Mr. Paisley, in America on a two-week preaching tour, said he had been "shocked" by the attacks.

But he said that as a member of both the Northern Ireland Parliament and the British Parliament at Westminster he would help both the Protestant majority and Roman Catholic minority in the province.

"I am in Parliament to help people of both religions," he said.

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