Page 3, 20th April 1951

20th April 1951
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Page 3, 20th April 1951 — ALL SORTS

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By Fr. Bernard Basset,

The Beatified Bookseller

JAMES Duckett, the Catholic bookseller was hanged at Tyburn on

April 19, 1601. He himself was converted by a book. A friend of his, Peter Mauson lent him "The Foundation of the Catholic Religion." and this, as the old account puts it " made him stagger in his opinion." He became a Catholic and gave his life to the work of distributing Catholic books. He was arrested on a charge of having 25 copies of Fr. Southwell's books on his premises. We may aot all be brave enough to imitate the martyr but we might at least copy the example of Peter Mauson whose act produced a convert and a saint.

The Religious Section

IF you go to the public library, do you ever look at the religious section or take steps to increase the

number of Catholic books ? In some public libraries the religious section is excellent. in others it re

flects the general apathy. I have noticed the same in Boots. Perhaps it was just an accident, but in one Northern town recently, I counted some 16 Catholic books on the nonfiction shelves.

A very generous man

wHILE on the subject of Blessed James Duckett and Catholic books, it would be fitting to ask your prayer for Douglas Newton who died so suddenly 10 days ago. He was much more than a good writer. With no trace of jealousy 'n his make-up, he loved to praise and to recommend other people's books. One who knew him well said of him " He would refuse to review a book unless he liked it and could praise it." May he rest in peace.

School history

A COUNTY Durham school teacher sends this extract from a new text-book issued to the school, " His, Ignatius of Loyola's superiors allowed him to form the Company of Jesus whidh was something like the Salvation Army."

Glamour my foot

1\10-0NE likes to be thought

prudish and we all know that it often does more harm than good to make a fuss. Yet there must be ways and means for ordinary citizens to protect themselves against certain types of advertisement which are posted up today. The gigantic posters in London recommending the show " Latin Quarter " offend against more than taste. There are others too, an increasing number, which go as far as they dare. Or do they, and is there now any limit to what people will stand.


I N the brochure published about Mgr. Beauchamp a strange story is told. In the year in which he finished his priestly studies. there happened to be a surplus of priests. "The Bishop informed the 1907 class that he would only ordain to the priesthood that year those who were willing to take a temporary

post outside Ireland. Harry preferred not to leave Ireland. He deferred his ordination for a year. All his class mates were ordeined and

duly returned to Ireland. Harry

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