Page 1, 19th January 1968

19th January 1968
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Page 1, 19th January 1968 — Catholics keep Eye on new Divorce Bill

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People: Maurice O'Leary


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Catholics keep Eye on new Divorce Bill



THE PROPOSED amendments to Britain's divorce laws were welcomed in

some Catholic circles this week "as an improvement" on existing legislation. "If not totally satisfactory, they are at least attempting to rid the courts of deceit and rancour," was one comment. They provide that the main ground for divorce would be the irretrievable breakdown of marriage.

"We must realise that we are a Christian minority," said the head of the Catholic Marriage Guidance, Fr. Maurice O'Leary, "and these laws are not being framed for us, but for society as a whole.

"A Christian marriage, as we know and understand it, is something different from that which the State is trying to legislate for.

"Therefore, in purely secular terms, I think changes are to be welcomed. It seems as if the reformers have adopted the recommendation of the Church of England's Putting Asunder Committee and now have the breakdown of marriage as the principle of divorce—and not the matrimonial offences, which have been subject to so much abuse in the past.

"Unfortunately, the reformers have not taken up the whole reconunendation that there should be a full inquiry into whether or not a marriage has broken down.

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