Page 4, 12th October 1984

12th October 1984
Page 4
Page 4, 12th October 1984 — Spread of atheism

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Locations: Padgate, Rome


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Spread of atheism

IN REPLY "Dilemma for Rome", the social teaching of the Church is set out in the Papal Encyclicals, Rerurn Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno where left and right of the political spectrum are taken to task where there is injustice for the workers.

However, the Church regards Marxism as intrinsically evil because of its atheistic character.

It has been said that Communism is really a euphemism for state capitalism. Certainly Lenin said in 1918, "Socialism can only be reached by the development of state capitalism, the careful organization of finance, control and discipline amongst the workers. Without this there is no Socialism."

If Communism had been really practised after the revolution then there would have been no need to kill 45 million fellow Russians. (Khrushchev's figures).

When Our Lady came to Fatima, she said that Russia would spread her errors all over the world, and this four months before the revolution began. It was not so much the political situation she was warning us about but the spread of atheism, the self sufficiency of man, a return to the first sin, the original sin.

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