Page 3, 10th November 1967

10th November 1967
Page 3
Page 3, 10th November 1967 — Bunnies' Sunday survey

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Organisations: Playboy Club
People: Hugh Hefner
Locations: London


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Bunnies' Sunday survey

DON'T be surprised

if you find yourself sitting next to a Bunny in church next Sunday because according to the latest statistics (religious, not vital) at least a third of the Bunnies at the Playboy Club in Park Lane are Catholics.

The inter denominational magazine Sunday has done a survey of the religious convictions of the Bunnies and come to the conclusion that far from following the gospel of pleasure of their founder Hugh Hefner—it took him 25 instalments in Playboy magazine and 250,000 words to define—the girls have more than a passing affinity to the girl next door.

According to the survey nearly half the girls are C. of E., a third Catholic, including a convert, several are Baptists and one is a Spiritualist. Half the girls. never go to church, except for the occasional wedding, the Baptists go infrequently, one Anglican goes every six to eight weeks and the Catholics go every Sunday when they are not working.

All the Bunnies pray, if not every night, sometime during the week. They pray for their children, parents and boy friends. One prays for money and "nice things," some pray for the sick, another for heln in being a better person. Bunnies are generous. More than three-quarters of them help other people. Some give money to their parents, others contribute to several charities. One gave money to her boy friend when he was on the dole and a Catholic gives part of her salary to the Church.

On only one question were the answers of the Bunnies of Park Lane unanimous: "Did you ever pray to become a Bunny?" to which they all replied with a resounding "No." Bernadette was in town this week. She's a 17-yearold folk singer who's going to hit the top very soon. Her first record "Come Kiss Me Love" has been a hot seller in Scotland and it's going steadily in England.

Bernadette is a Catholic, the daughter of the famous Scots folk duo "The Reillys." Besides cutting her second disc in London this week — she thinks she'll call it "Madrigal" — she also completed a 15-minute documentary about herself for the B.B.C.

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